About Us

  • Nothing Captures the Moment like a Photo

    Nothing Inspires Dreams like a Photo

When we were young, our heads were filled with images of our sports heroes.

As kids, our bedroom walls were covered with sports posters. Every night we went to bed dreaming about our heroes.

Today images of kids’ heroes have disappeared from their bedroom walls. The few sport images that remain available in stores are limited to traditional professional team sports.

Our Goal

EPK’s goal is to inspire kids to turn off the video games, get outside, and live their dreams.

We want our images of the world’s best athletes, shot by the world’s best photographers, to inspire kids to travel and see the world not on a video screen, but with their own eyes.

EPK _ /’ep.ik/

EPK is a premium photography company that partners with the world’s best youth sports properties, athletes, and photographers to preserve the EPK moments in sports.

All EPK images are limited-edition prints that are designed in Encinitas, California, and printed in the USA.

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